Iron Wings Table

Designed around a massive wood piece, that can be a reused beam from old constructions sites or a special wood for a client, Iron wings table is a simple composition of materials. No matter how long the beam, this table can be made and assembled to suite ones needs. This object can be a 1.8 meter dining size table or a restaurant 4 meters long dinner table for 14 guests. Some screws hold the two symmetrical steel parts of the top together with the wood part. The steel  legs are simply fixed into a very precise cut into the wood beam.  Manufacturing this table is very straight forward. The steel is simply bent and the wood has only the two CNC cuts. Finishing of the steel in this case is transparent, letting the hand  polished natural steel texture at sight. With many length possibilities and various treatements of the steel, this object idea can give you many variations by simple following the construction principle.